Thursday, 7 February 2008

Some Animation

Heres a sample of some of my animation and some of the shows I helped design

This is a really old film i made at university. its on there twice for some reason.

This is something I animated at Triffic films for an animated sketch show for BBC2 called the cubby couch. it didn't get commisioned.

This is a pilot for Pete Fowlers Monsterism Island. I did a bit of animation on it. This show looks really cool.

This is something i worked on at Triffic Films for The Culture Show BBC2

This is a show I worked on By Peter Baynam at Triffic films called I am not an animal
it won an award at the Annecy animation festival

This is the BAFTA Award winning series The Secret Show which I helped design.
I didnt actually do anything on this clip, I just really like it.

Heres another clip which I did actually have a hand in.

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gareth davies said...

lovin the video's jim... good idea there chap. ina bish bonna bosh